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Multimedia, AV "Nowadays I collect, store, and listen to music mostly on digital media, so I thought I'd find myself a Linux audio player that does all the things I need it to do. Little did I know how many options I had! After evaluating more than a dozen applications, I've found three that I feel provide the best mix of features and performance." Read more at
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RE[4]: So much fun!
by sean batten on Tue 4th Apr 2006 13:58 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: So much fun!"
sean batten
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Try to explain to me where I'm wrong.
Where you're wrong is that you're a Linux apologist. When people complain that something doesn't work you call them stupid and clueless and can't understand why they don't want to have to search for codecs or edit configuration files. Anyone who compains about things being overly complicated just gets shot down. It's this attitude that keeps Linux off the desktop, and until it changes it'll never make it into the average persons living room. You may not like Windows, but MS 100% understands what the typical user wants and gives it to them. It's strange how commercial software seems to understand the users needs but open source software just doesn't get it. Let's face it, if you can't get the average user to use free software what chance have you got???

Ookaze, I'm curious if you're marking me down when you read my replies..? You realize that if you are then it's not if keeping with the OSNews policies... :-)

PS: You may work in a bank, but sitting behind the till taking deposits doesn't really count, does it..!?

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