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Multimedia, AV "Nowadays I collect, store, and listen to music mostly on digital media, so I thought I'd find myself a Linux audio player that does all the things I need it to do. Little did I know how many options I had! After evaluating more than a dozen applications, I've found three that I feel provide the best mix of features and performance." Read more at
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Linux Dichotomy
by tony on Tue 4th Apr 2006 14:21 UTC
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The dichotomy of Linux...

"They said it's easy, but I couldn't get it to work"

-You're a clueless newb who has no business with Linux

"I guess Linux is hard and only for geeks"

-No it's not, it's so simple!

It becomes a circular argument, and it's embarassing. There's every excuse and personal attack in the world. It's shoot the messenger. Personal attacks and flame wars are the chosen battle instead of merits.

It's certainly understandable why the author thought the way he did. Ubuntu is an easy distro, yet getting to the point where you can watch and listen to a variety of formats is a lot more complicated and involved than it is in Windows or OS X.

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