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Mono Project "Novell today announced the beta program for Mono 1.2, which now includes support for Microsoft Windows.Forms to more easily port .NET client-side applications to Linux. Other enhancements in this beta release include additional platform and hardware support, virtual machine upgrades, and enhanced Java support, as well as significant performance, memory consumption and stability improvements." And on a related note, Novell also released the code to the server side of iFolder.
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Comparisons between Mono and MS .NET
by marpaco on Tue 4th Apr 2006 21:21 UTC
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There are many things that mono includes in their Global Assembly Cache (GAC) that Microsoft .NET does not.

Too often folks leave out or forget that mono not only includes System.Windows.Forms but it also includes Gtk and Gnome sharp. Mono includes System.Data.SqlClient but is also has Mono.Data.SybaseClient as well as Npgsql. Mono includes System.Directory but it also includes Novell.Directory.Ldap.

I could continue but, my point is that mono has a lot of things going for it that tracend what Microsoft .Net has in its core offering.

Did I mention it is Open Source?

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