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Linux The One Laptop Per Child organization will use Linux on its inexpensive machines, but the operating system suffers the same code bloat as Windows, the project's leader said Tuesday. My Take: A few months ago I blogged about this as if I knew what was coming. I still believe that the $100-laptop project should be targetted as an embedded application and so Qtopia with ARM is a better/cheaper/faster solution than Fedora/RHEL with x86. If Palm is able to sell the Zire 22 at $99 and still make lots of profit (yes, they do), then it is probably feasible to manufacture and market my suggestion at $100.
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linux is not really bloated
by gregorlowski on Wed 5th Apr 2006 03:20 UTC
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I disagree that linux -- the kernel -- is bloated. I put together a distro that's about 1MB, fits on a floppy disk, and gives me dumb-terminal emulation on a 486 laptop that I have (20 MB Ram). I also have a 2.4 kernel on my Sharp Zaurus 5500.

Now, once you put xwindows + (gnome or KDE) with all the necessary libs on top of a linux kernel, you're basically not going to run it well on a machine with 128MB ram. I agree that somethine like qtopia or some sort of non-xwindows frame-buffer gui toolkit would be good.

If haiku or syllable were further along then either one would be a viable alternative.

Anyway, the bloat is not in the linux kernel. I wouldn't even say that gnome or kde are especially bloated; they're just not designed with embedded systems in mind. Calling them bloated is not fair to the developers (who, e.g. gnome 2.14, are making strides in improving performance).

I also agree that, while DSL is a fine hobbyist/hacker distro, it's not a unified, newbie-friendly environment.

I'd personally like to see something like xfce (new gtk improvements should make it faster) + some fb xserver. I also think openoffice 2 should not be considered -- it's enormous. It would be better to go with some simpler tools with fewer features.

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