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OpenBSD "Frank Hecker from the Mozilla Foundation contacted Theo to inform him that the foundation decided to donate $10000 to the OpenSSH project. Frank mentioned this today in the Mozilla Foundation's status report. The OpenSSH project truly appreciates this gesture of solidarity from such a respectable open source project. Besides this sizeable donation we also received hundreds of smaller donations, mostly from individuals and small companies. Thanks everyone for stepping up to keep OpenBSD/OpenSSH ticking."
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RE[2]: Very Nice!
by kamil_chatrnuch on Wed 5th Apr 2006 10:52 UTC in reply to "RE: Very Nice!"
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a noble gesture? if it's true, that the mozilla foundation [non-profit] is making over $30m annually off of its deal for the google search box, than i would expect them to support *more* open-source projects and with *more* money. hm?
anyway, good luck openbsd/ssh.

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