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Internet Explorer DevSource's John Mueller has an excellent "first look" at what it will take for Web developers to make their apps work with IE7. He says, "Unless you're using pretty much pure HTML on static pages, your application is going to break in some way."
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Didn't like the article...
by kamper on Wed 5th Apr 2006 16:43 UTC
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As a few have expressed already, this article is far too IE-centric to really be any good, let alone "excellent".

Microsoft is not changing any standards by coming out with a new browser and that means that if your application breaks, either the new browser is making bad choices or you were doing something stupid in the first place.

As sandboxing and improved standards support can hardly be considered a bad thing, the vast majority of the time I suspect it will be the latter situation causing the breakage.

And what's with the discussion about compatibility with IE? The two have nothing to do with eachother. IE is not the development platform, the web is. If the web didn't change, then there should be no problems. If you're somehow trying to tie to IE in your web application, you should be taken out back and shot right now.

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