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Apple Apple's Boot Camp has stirred things up quite a bit around the net. eWeek states: "CIOs have a lot invested in Windows and aren't going to junk the OS for Apple. However, if a CIO can get a twofer - Windows XP and Mac OS on one machine - a flyer may make some sense." In an analysis, eWeek concludes: "Boot Camp might give businesses and consumers another reason to look at the Mac, analysts and IT managers say." Cnet wonders if all this is good news for MS, while Ars looks at the limitations. Apple also released firmware updates for Intel Macs, which supposedly add BIOS support to EFI so you can just boot an XP (or Linux!) CD without using Boot Camp.
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The best move they could do
by werfu on Thu 6th Apr 2006 03:36 UTC
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Nobody saw this was part of a major way to boost OS X. You see, as Apple has jumped on the Intel plateform, now it can lower it's production cost as much as other PC manufacturer can do, so it _will_ lower its price once all their product will have passed to Intel or it will struggle to death. Then, (I bet Jobs has already seen the move as a major market penetration mean) Apple having already the IPod halo effect, it will use it as much as it can. Once Apple get a major market penetration, say near 15%-20%, it will sell Mac OS X for generic PCs, without loosing any money as people will have the choice to use OS X or Windows on a Mac. Having a solid revenue behind itself (hardware sale) and a strong user base and ISV support, OS X will gain in profitability or will die, as simple as that.

Apple have seen in the arrival of Vista a good point to kick the MS btt and I think they have a good chance, as long OS X will be release. But it will have to be quick!

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