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Apple Apple's Boot Camp has stirred things up quite a bit around the net. eWeek states: "CIOs have a lot invested in Windows and aren't going to junk the OS for Apple. However, if a CIO can get a twofer - Windows XP and Mac OS on one machine - a flyer may make some sense." In an analysis, eWeek concludes: "Boot Camp might give businesses and consumers another reason to look at the Mac, analysts and IT managers say." Cnet wonders if all this is good news for MS, while Ars looks at the limitations. Apple also released firmware updates for Intel Macs, which supposedly add BIOS support to EFI so you can just boot an XP (or Linux!) CD without using Boot Camp.
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Why all the hoopla?
by th3rmite on Thu 6th Apr 2006 05:53 UTC
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Really what is the reason for all this animosity towards apple? Is it because of the intel chip? Is it because it can now run Windows? People keep laying out the "choice" trump card. I like choice that's why I hate this and that. Quite frankly when Apple went to Intel they enabled MORE user choice. How much more nix software is available for x86? How many more OS's? How could it be that someone could even be upset that Apple is giving it's users more choices? If you could really rest on the fact that OSX is that much better than windows wouldn't this be a good thing? Now users who are iffy about OSX can really see side by side how crappy their Windows OS is. When they launch Explorer and are inundated with popups and trhen they boot into OSX launch Safari and it's good to go they will come around.

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