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Mac OS X According to an announcement posted on the Carbon developer's mailing list, Metrowerks announced at AdHoc that the forthcoming release of CodeWarrior 10 will be the last for OS X. This isn't surprising given that Apple is transitioning to Intel chips and Metrowerks has exited the Intel market, but it's still the end of an era. CodeWarrior literally saved Apple's bacon during the transition to PowerPC in the early 1990s by shipping the first working set of developer tools for the new platform. And since then CodeWarrior has been the main toolkit for commercial development on the Mac (especially pre-XCode).
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foreseeable, but sad
by stew on Sat 30th Jul 2005 10:01 UTC
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This doesn't come as a surprise, given the lack of enthousiasm Metrowerks has shown for the Mac desktop over the last years.

However, it's still a sad loss: Less choices than before. There are quite a few points where I think CodeWarrior is significantly better than Xcode, but Apple's recent moves force me to Xcode. I would love to have the option to use a different IDE than Xcode, but as it stands, there is none (before anyone suggests Emacs and makefiles, please make sure you understand what an IDE is). Anyone interested in writing a Mac dev plugin for Eclipse? I have successfully built Cocoa command line apps with it, but right now it's a hassle and it doensn't support application bundles.

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