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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless was very kind to send us in the Linux-based Motorola A780 cellphone for this review. This is the most affordable PDA-like phone in the market today, selling for less than $280 at Hi-Mobile's store. Although this phone was released over a year ago, it came pre-installed with the latest available English firmware released around November 2005 (R52_G_0D.74.A2R) which also contains a newer build of the Opera 7.50 browser. Check inside for our review and lots of screenshots.
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RE: Review lacks info..
by Eugenia on Thu 6th Apr 2006 20:20 UTC in reply to "Review lacks info.."
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>Since this is a GSM cellphone, mentioning the frequencies that it runs on would be nice.

Usually, I don't tend to duplicate information that can be easily found by clicking our link to the product. A review is about how well or not the product works, not copying/pasting the press releases. I do mention that the phone is quadband anyway.

>Second, I've never had any problem streaming realplayer video on my Symbian Series 60 smartphone,

I was VERY specific to say that it doesn't play PLS files. Did I ever said anything that it doesn't play RAM???

> I don't know what the problem is with the 9500 you tested was

Download it first and then copy it to your phone. I can't set up the MIME type on that server as I don't have any priviliges on it. I tried that video on the Nokia 9500 of a friend of mine a few months ago and it was as bad (if not worse than in the two Motorola Linux phones I got here). The video was encoded with Quicktime 7.1 in 3gp at 384 kbps, QVGA resolution.

Please note that the video plays perfectly on the 80Mhz CPU of Sony Ericsson K700i. The Motorola Linux phones run at 312 Mhz and the Symbian ones are (usually, not always) at 195 Mhz.

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