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IBM IBM has today presented various new versions of their G5 processor at the Power Everywhere Forum in Japan. Firstly, it introduced the much-anticipated PowerPC 970MP, the dual-core version of the G5. In addition, they also announced 3 low-power G5s, ranging from 1.2Ghz at 13W to 1.6Ghz at 16W. These processors will most likely find their way into Apple's Macs.
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by rayiner on Thu 7th Jul 2005 22:57 UTC
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As for the PPC970 architectural advantages, I don't think, in practical terms, it is better than what AMD has to offer (I know, Apple is going with Intel ;) . Of course, the G5 wins in some departments, but you have Intel/AMD winning in many other.

I agree with that statement completely. From a programmer's perspective (not an ASM programmer's perspective, mind you), I think the K8 is the nicest architecture out there. Opterons are among the fastest chips available for both integer and FPU code, they've got a good SMP arrangement, they've got nice big caches, a decent number of registers, and are relatively insensitive to instruction scheduling. Probably not the best in any one category, but a very good point in the design space.

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