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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless was very kind to send us in the Linux-based Motorola A780 cellphone for this review. This is the most affordable PDA-like phone in the market today, selling for less than $280 at Hi-Mobile's store. Although this phone was released over a year ago, it came pre-installed with the latest available English firmware released around November 2005 (R52_G_0D.74.A2R) which also contains a newer build of the Opera 7.50 browser. Check inside for our review and lots of screenshots.
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My experience
by gtada on Thu 6th Apr 2006 21:24 UTC
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There's been quite a few postings on these Motorola Linux-based phones in the past months. Overall, I do like my A780, but here are my quibbles (some may repeat article):

The UI is VERY slow
Unexpectedly shuts down occasionally (once a week)
Very limited software (and then Java-only)
Battery life is crap
Handwriting recognition is terrible

It should be mentioned that there are 2 versions, a GPS (Europe) and non-GPS with voice recognition. The respective firmwares aren't totally compatible, so be careful. I've burned the wrong firmware on my A780 to no ill effect, but it's a little scary when you're flashing firmware, and it stops at 90%. o_O

If you're really interested, has a lot of info.

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