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Linux "LinuxForums takes a look at Xgl, and concludes: "In conclusion, Xgl is an exciting technology, it still needs some work to be done mainly to do with non nvidia/ati graphics cards and extending support to a wider variety of graphics chipsets. I for one will wait a bit longer (until the holidays) before attempting to install it onto my computer, perhaps by then more animations/plugins will be made available and support for other DE's would be available." Lots of videos inside, boys and girls, so rejoice.
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Windows itself hasn't although it has the ability to have translucent windows / widgets (done in software or with 2d acceleration of the graphics card). It however doesn't support real transparency with for example every pixel has it's own opacity value.

You can find freeware / shareware tools which use this ability and the ability to mess around with every other window / application. These will then change the opacity values of the window you want them to do.

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