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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless was very kind to send us in the Linux-based Motorola A780 cellphone for this review. This is the most affordable PDA-like phone in the market today, selling for less than $280 at Hi-Mobile's store. Although this phone was released over a year ago, it came pre-installed with the latest available English firmware released around November 2005 (R52_G_0D.74.A2R) which also contains a newer build of the Opera 7.50 browser. Check inside for our review and lots of screenshots.
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Open SDK, the key to succes ?
by flobb on Fri 7th Apr 2006 14:20 UTC
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Sure that if Motorola open up there framework we will see killers opensources apps... Mplayer, TCPMP, good Instant messaging clients, ssh client and so one.

Bad point to Motorola, they make good hardware, maybe the better mobile implementation of linux, but don't want the comunity to grow up on they job.

PS : Got a problem with No way to use a french Card to buy the phone. Waiting for they reply.

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