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Linux A RealNetworks executive has claimed that Linux risks being excluded from the consumer market if it does not add support for copy-restriction technologies. But the Free Software Foundation Europe countered this claim on Thursday, saying that consumers have made it clear that they do not want DRM restricting their use of digital media.
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bad marketing speak, guys
by bnolsen on Fri 7th Apr 2006 14:59 UTC
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Last time I checked, DRM has zero benefit to the consumer and every benefit to the content provider, up to the point that it pisses off the consumer, which of course they've crossed that line long ago.

I'm pretty sick of Hollywood trying to blame its utter inability to produce good movies on piracy and copy protection issues.

I'd be more willing to go see more movies if they didn't consistently attack my system of values, beliefs and political views, and call me stupid, illiterate, racist, etc.

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