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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "All too often the desktop operating system market is looked upon as some sort of epic struggle between Microsoft and Linux. This 'versus' mentality is fun to perpetuate, it is not helping anyone in the long run. Since it is clear that each party is going to be around for a long time, what is needed a bit of mannerly coexistence. While the name calling may persist, it is more important that efforts are made to enable the two operating systems to work together more efficiently than they do now."
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Waaaaaay to go ...
by gustl on Fri 7th Apr 2006 15:00 UTC in reply to "If Anything..."
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Well, unfortunately Microsoft still tries to weasel out of making their closed protocols open, which they were ordered to do by the EU commission.

They are even willing to accept a mayor fine to avoid opening their protocols.

That is NOT what I call coexistence.

If they really mean what they say, they put all of those protcol specifications on the net for everybody to read, and a statement that they will not sue anyone for implementing that protocol, even if that implementation violates a patent they own.

The free software and open source communities always try to interoperate with everybody else, loads of protocols, both open and proprietary were implemented by FOSS. Microsoft has to bring their protocols, then FOSS can implement them.

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