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Apple "We finally benchmarked the Apple PC in Windows successfully, thanks to the latest video driver release. It seems to struggle a bit in games with the level of detail increased, but it's certainly not terrible, it's about as good as a mid range notebook system." Read on for detailed results. Cnet has special coverage of Boot Camp. And on a related note... This is just freaky.
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Mobility Video
by Ravyne on Fri 7th Apr 2006 23:58 UTC
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Keep in mind, Both the iMac and MacBookPro use *Mobility* chips, which aren't comparable to Desktop chips of the same name. They often have lower clock speeds(to reduce heat production and power consumption,) have fewer vertex/pixel pipelines(again, heat and power) and a narrower memory bus (to reduce PCB traces to memory chips, saving boardspace for the already cramped laptop PCB) Compared to a Desktop part of the same name, its likely that the part in use is running at 75% speed, with only 50%-75% the pipelines and with only 50% (possibly less) Memory bandwidth.

As to why they're using mobility parts in their iMac, its simple. There is no graphics card itself in the iMac, and while its technically possible to integrate a full desktop GPU solution on a motherboard, its not generally done (imagine dedicating a 4"x8" swath of bardspace just for graphics, not to mention the cooling requirements) So the Mobility part makes sense here too. They did the same thing on the G4 mini, emac, and (possibly) G5 imac; All Mobility chips, though they never advertised them as such.

However, these Mobility parts are certainly more powerful than the typical Desktop integrated graphics solutions available. God save those with the new intel mini, they got intel 955 EXtreme Integrated graphics 2!

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