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Linux A RealNetworks executive has claimed that Linux risks being excluded from the consumer market if it does not add support for copy-restriction technologies. But the Free Software Foundation Europe countered this claim on Thursday, saying that consumers have made it clear that they do not want DRM restricting their use of digital media.
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RE[4]: Paradigm Shift Needed
by leech on Sat 8th Apr 2006 14:14 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Paradigm Shift Needed"
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All I can say to that is Bravo, I agree 100 % with that and gave you the score you deserved.

Corporate greedy pigs won't let it happen for a long time, I say we just all rise up and slay them. I'd hate to say it, but it'll probably require a lot of violence. Even if the concept that is money is still used, if the 2% of the world's population that is rich were to just give up all their wealth and let it be divided amongst everyone equally, the world would be very different indeed. To make everyone equally wealthy, would indeed make it so that people could do the things they want, instead of the things they NEED to do in order to survive. Doing away with money world wide would make it so one person wouldn't have more power than another, and would also help millions (maybe billions) of starving people everywhere in 3rd world countries.

Personally I think a world disaster is going to hit sometime in the not so distant future and will again (Yeah, it's happened before) reduce mankind to a lower form of civilization. Perhaps one of these times around, we'll actually get it right and equalize everything for everyone. In the end, if Money was no longer something everyone vied for, then maybe we could finally make it to other planets and colonize them.

Oh, and to be more on topic, DRM sucks. I have already decided as soon as I heard Vista was going to have it, that I would not get Vista at all. Not to mention that Linux does everything I want/need except play games, and Vista will screw that up anyhow, on the OpenGL games (which usually work rather well in Wine anyhow).


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