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Apple Microsoft has responded positively to Apple's Boot Camp, stating: "Windows is a great operating system. We're pleased that Apple customers are excited about running it, and that Apple is responding to meet the demand." Apple, in the meantime, stated that Apple will never sell Macs with Windows pre-installed, while VoodooPC's CTO wonders what Boot Camp's implications might be. And on a related note, VMWare's CEO confirmed that they are working on a version for Mac OS X on Intel. Update: According to AppleInsider, Apple will rename its iBook line to MacBook, and launch them near the end of this month. The MacBook will sport Core-Duo processors, 13" widescreen, built-in iSight, and Front Row/remote.
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A big plan
by Abdullah on Sat 8th Apr 2006 17:47 UTC
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What do you think about this (speculative) long-term, 5 year plan:

Step 1: Now. Boot camp allows windows to boot on Macs

Step 2: Mac OS 10.5 Previewed August, released December. Virtualisation allows users to switch between the two operating systems without rebooting.

Step 3: In 1 year. Release of Yellow Box allows Windows developers to write Objective C code and write one application that runs on Windows and Mac OS.

Step 4: In 2 years. Apple has secretly been working on Wine for the past 2 years and announce that you can run Windows apps on Mac OS without a copy of XP/Vista.

Step 5: In 3 years. Apple licences OS X 10.6 to general PC makers. It runs Mac apps and Windows apps simultaneously, in the same way that current OS9 apps and OS X apps can run together.

Step 6: Microsoft can't cancel Office for Mac because theu have a 5 year agreement with Apple.

Step 7: 4 years from now. Apple releases it's Office suite.

Completely speculative, guesswork, but fun. Apple certainly has a long-term undercover strategy. Just look how they were developing a x86 version of OS X for 5 years and were just waiting for the right time to switch over and release it. I think the ultimate target of Apple is to topple Microsoft and I definately think that they will license their OS in a few years from now.

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