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Zeta YellowTAB released a Zeta 1.0 LiveCD and they are charging just 10 Euros for it. If you return it you get a 5 Euro discount toward the normal CD version of 1.0.
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Live boot BeOS
by looncraz on Sat 30th Jul 2005 15:27 UTC
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Every version of BeOS I have had (which is from R3 on, every revision) live-boots from the CD, but launches the Installer application instead of Tracker.

Making a Live CD from something such as Zeta is as simple as modifying the Bootscript to not check the /boot/ partition for writeability/

That is it. I am sure yTab did more in a meager attempt to prevent people from installing it on their systems. And probably removed some software. If they did not, then many people will be able to just buy this
10euro CD and install and have a full Zeta install/

Cheers :-)

--The loon

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