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Linux "It's the year 2006, and installing applications in GNU/Linux can still be a nightmare (especially if they are not available in your distribution's repository). Simon Peter is the developer of Klik, a piece of software that tries to resolve this problem. Simon kindly accepted to answer a few questions for FSM."
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Future of Klik
by Hamman on Sun 9th Apr 2006 09:36 UTC
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They seem to have some pretty interesting ideas:
Icons, .desktop integration etc is just the thing that is missing with klik. If they fix these problems, I'd gladly replace apt with klik. The whole repository business is great for corporations/servers, but for desktops the OSX .app-approach is clearly superior. Just think about it. All the time that distributors would save from not having to package thousands of applications every time they release a new version. How the entire "dist X doesn't have mp3-support"-point would become moot, as installing kliks with this software would be extremely easy.
How ISV's finally would have an easy way of making their apps run on multiple distros.
I really hope we will start to see this technology in mayor distributions soon!

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