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Apple I'm from the Netherlands. That may sound like a weird statement to start a column with-- don't worry, at the end of this week's Sunday Eve Column you'll understand why I put my nationality so bluntly up front.
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what a nonsense
by Bully on Mon 10th Apr 2006 01:53 UTC
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"Pim Fortuyn got murdered because of what he said."

He got murdered because he was a dangerous man.
It was clear he had dangerous ideas. And the people were about to give him the power to realise them. Not very different from how Hitler came to power.
The murderer felt he had to do something to prevent that.
(Not that it helped much, the current goverment is making a simular mess. But who knows, things might have been worse if he was still alive)

I don't think you can compare the destruction of a country to a computer company related problem.

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