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Linux An ex-Microsoft employee is arguing that Linux is ready for the primetime and that only thing keeping it away is the number of bugs it has. He claims that if these few high-importance bugs are fixed one way or another, Linux can become a dominant power in the desktop OS world.
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RE[2]: Blow by Blow
by AlexandreAM on Mon 10th Apr 2006 16:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Blow by Blow"
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Just thought I should drop my 2 cents here...

2)currently we live in a Windows world, so it's up to Linux to adapt not the other way round, as it's Linux who has to be better to increase its userbase.

... I can see your point but do not agree with it.

We live in a "Windows world" ? Perhaps. Do Linux need to mimic every little thing Windows do ? Hell NO!

From where I stand, Linux is better than windows in LOTS of aspects (and I am not naive enough to deny that Windows fights back, being better in other LOTS of aspects).

Should linux increase its userbase ? Yes, it would be benefitial for the majority of its users. But I don't think the way to increase the userbase is being a windows clone. Linux has been better than windows in many areas that I sure miss when I am on a windows install.

Alexandre Moreira.

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