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Re: more interest in GNUstep!
by michi on Mon 10th Apr 2006 19:16 UTC
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so far im finding that it is pretty nice! i just wish you could do something about the ugly grey look of all the GNUstep apps.

Actually you can do the following:
svn co svn:// etoile

cd etoile/Etoile/Bundles/Camaelon
make install

The Cameleon theme engine is installed to:

After that, you also need to tell GNUstep where to find the
theme bundle, so write :

defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSAppKitUserBundles '( "YourLocationTo/Camaelon.themeEngine" )'

create the directory
~/GNUstep/Library/Themes/ if it is not already there
download to e.g. ~/gnustep
cd ~/GNUstep/Library/Themes/
tar xzf /home/michi/gnustep/Nesedah.theme.tgz
defaults write Camaelon Theme Nesedah

Here you can find some themes:

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