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Microsoft "Microsoft gained nearly five percent market share in the Web server market, however still lags well behind market leader Apache, research and security firm Netcraft said Friday. Nonetheless, it was the biggest one-month swing in the history of the industry. With more than 80 million Web sites on the Internet, Microsoft now claims a 25.2 percent share, up 4.7 percent from March. Apache still leads by a wide margin, however it was down close to 6 percent to 62.7 percent. Sun remained a distant third, down slightly to 2.36 percent."
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by leech on Mon 10th Apr 2006 22:29 UTC
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After having administered both Apache and IIS, I must say that it would be pure insanity to run IIS. It has more bugs than a town slut. Not to mention just about every time there is a security update, the whole system needs a reboot.

IIS may be ok in a single server set up, but in a cluster, you've just got a cluster **** waiting to happen.

It's ok though, at least the IIS admins aren't going around and beheading people, or generally running amok. Yet ;)

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