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Novell and Ximian Linux on desktop computers will begin taking off in mainstream markets in the next 12 to 18 months, Novell President Ron Hovsepian has predicted. Linux has been widely used on networked computers called servers, but it has comparatively little success on personal computers, beyond technically savvy users. Many companies have argued the open-source operating system is on the verge of breaking out in PCs and have been proven wrong. But Hovsepian sees some changes that he believes make the market ripe.
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RE: Good luck with that
by backdoc on Mon 10th Apr 2006 23:47 UTC in reply to "Good luck with that"
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Everybody has different reasons. Personally, I got tired of Windows controlling the way I work.

You don't sound like you have used Linux for more than a day or two. That means that you would have never gotten used to some of the things that make Linux a superior environment for getting things done. For example, it's like tabbed browsing. If you've never seen them and never used them long enough to get hooked on them, you can't understand how nice they are. Same thing with rocker mouse gestures. To appreciate Linux, you have to *USE* Linux for awhile. You can't just compare features and say, "Windows does that, too."

You ask, "Why?" For me, Linux is just more comfortable.

Oh. And, about Monad, I haven't tried it. But, you mention it as though it makes life easier in Windows, like Bash does for Linux. That alone is a testament that Linux is a better environment for some things. I do have to use Windows at work. And, I thought about trying Monad, is it just a scripting language, or does it give you true Shell shortcuts, like BASH.

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