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OSNews, Generic OSes There are so many ways to boot alternative OSes to common PCs these days. What's your prefered way? Read for a quick introduction to the most common methods and then let us know about your prefered way of booting alternative OSes to your PC by taking the poll.
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Free paritition
by cefarix on Tue 11th Apr 2006 10:14 UTC
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I've got 7 partitions on my single 80GB HD. One for Windows, one for FAT32 data (mostly games + videos). One for Linux, and one for data that I use in Linux, mostly the source code of my own OS, Cefarix. One other partition is the swap partition. Then there is another partition for Cefarix OS, and I keep another partition free for transferring raw data sometimes between my OS and Linux (since my OS can't write into ext2/3 or FAT32 yet). This free partition might also be used for testing new OSs, although the last time I had another OS installed it was ReactOS, and that was installed into the secondary Windows FAT32 partition.

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