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KDE The KDE Look and Feel Project is a GPL-licenced Swing pluggable look and feel which uses Qt and KDE for the drawing of widgets. KDE Look and Feel implements most of the Java Look and Feel API including dialogs (ColorChooser, FileChooser, etc.).
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RE[5]: Swing... blech...
by tmack on Tue 11th Apr 2006 21:07 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Swing... blech..."
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Swing is an extension of AWT. AWT widgets are native widgets, somewhat like SWT. AWT, however, uses the lowest common widget scheme where if ALL supported platforms don't implement a certain widget, it isn't included in AWT. SWT implements any widgets not available.

Why is this relevant?

If you see an official widget class, like a text box, you know if it's an AWT or Swing widget by the class name.

TextField is AWT
JTextField is Swing

This way you don't have to resort to fully qualified class names in a Java class if you happen to use both types of widgets in the same class. It also makes things CLEARER.

Also, javax is a "proprietary" non-standard package (.NET's copy of this is called a "namespace") for Java classes.

The more you know. ;)

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