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OS/2 and eComStation Serenity Systems has released beta 2 of eComStation 2.0. Improvements include, but are not limited to: ACPI which now works better; SNAP Graphics boots directly from the CD; support for JFS booting; Firefox/Thunderbird replaced Mozilla; Cairo has been added; and much more. eComStation betas are available to registred customers.
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Beta program
by Kancept on Wed 12th Apr 2006 04:26 UTC
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You actually aren't paying to be in a beta program. The people who are receiving the beta, such as me, are those who have purchased upgrade protection. It's basically all updates, drivers, betas, and finals for you. It's very reminicent of the annual contracts from IBM. They happen to be including 2.0 final if you have the upgrade protection at all in this case.

I myself use eCom as my main OS, so it's been worth it for me. They are really making strides and there is a ton out there for the OS that many people don't know about.

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