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Internet & Networking Analytics firm comScore Networks announced Monday the results of its February measurement of instant messenger usage around the world, with Europe surpassing the United States in IM users for the first time. MSN Messenger was also ranked as the most used client, garnering 61 percent of the worldwide market. According to the survey, 82 million people in Europe use instant messaging software, amounting to 49 percent of the online population. In the United States only 69 million of people use IM, or 37 percent of the online population. Latin America had the highest IM penetration covering 64 percent of Web users.
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RE[3]: MSN Messenger ports
by sean batten on Wed 12th Apr 2006 07:52 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: MSN Messenger ports"
sean batten
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The real reason Microsoft doesn't support GNU/Linux desktop applications is obvious.

Is it because most Microsoft desktop apps are way past version 1.0, whereas almost all Linux desktop apps are at version 0.something and it wouldn't fit in with the GNU/Linux ethos??? :-)

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