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KDE The KDE Look and Feel Project is a GPL-licenced Swing pluggable look and feel which uses Qt and KDE for the drawing of widgets. KDE Look and Feel implements most of the Java Look and Feel API including dialogs (ColorChooser, FileChooser, etc.).
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same app in Qt, Swing and SWT
by MamiyaOtaru on Wed 12th Apr 2006 09:13 UTC
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A while back I wrote a simple mp3/ogg/wav player in java. I wrote different frontends to it to get to know the various toolkits better. It has an SWT frontend for my native looking windows fun, a Swing frontend for cross platformness, and a Qt/KDE frontend for fitting in to my KDE desktop.

Using the Qt frontend, the Gtk-Qt engine for GTK and the KdeLAF, I can make all three frontends use the same Qt style, with varying degrees of success.

This pic is the results, with some commentary. KdeLAF has a little ways to go before I would replace the Qt frontend with it.

edit: the Swing version looks just fine when using metal or ocean or some other more complete LAF, if metal can be called 'fine' ;) Icons work and all.

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