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BSD and Darwin derivatives Gentoo/FreeBSD is a Unix-like operating system developed by Gentoo Linux developers in order to bring Gentoo Linux design principles such as Portage to the FreeBSD operating system. Gentoo/FreeBSD is part of the larger Gentoo/BSD project. Read the interview here.
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The future is.... bland.
by Brendan on Wed 12th Apr 2006 14:16 UTC
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Select kernel (freeBSD, openBSD, netBSD, linux)? _

Select bootloader (lilo, grub)? _

Select installation drive (/dev/hda, /dev/sda1, etc)? _

Select cron (vixie-cron, fcron, dcron, anacron)? _

Select shell (bash, zsh, ash)? _

Select X server (none, X11, etc)? _

Select desktop (enlightenment, KDE, Gnome)? _

Installing/emerging, please wait...........

Your boring Unix clone is installed. Press enter to reboot. Reminder the OS installed was ???? - please write this down in a safe place (you probably won't be able to tell after you reboot).

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