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Windows With the new operating system, Microsoft is offering plenty of new graphics tricks, including translucent windows, animated flips between open programs and 'live icons' that show a graphical representation of the file in question. But before Vista will display its showiest side, known as Aero, it will run a check to make sure the software was properly purchased. "Those who are not running genuine Windows will not be able to take advantage of the Windows Aero user experience," a Microsoft representative told CNET on Wednesday. Note: We had a slight problem with our submission system today, but it is now fixed. Submit away, boys and girls!
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RE[2]: So what should MS do?
by th3rmite on Thu 13th Apr 2006 18:57 UTC in reply to "RE: So what should MS do?"
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"I don't see why I, or anyone else, should be prevented from pointing out legitimate concerns with some system simply because I have not produced a better one. It is not my job to make a better solution. It is in Microsoft's best interests to listen to criticism; it is also in our interests to make the cricitisms reasonable, but that does not call for a blanket ban on negative comments. "

My friend, criticism without supplying a possible solution is just plain whining and complaining.

Don't get me wrong I am no MS fanboy, but I am willing to bet that no matter what MS does will not make you or all the other MS haters out there happy. Short of making Windows GPL you will never be happy with MS.

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