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In the News Mad Penguin has published an excellent interview with Techmeister Leo Laporte. It's a two page review in which Leo discusses the possibility of a UNIX owned future. The interview starts here.
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Windows Stability
by Nex6 on Sun 31st Jul 2005 05:35 UTC
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it bogs my mind how people, supposidly "techs or geeks"
post idoitic comments like windows 2k/XP is unstable which is complete hogwash.

windows lost all its unstable roots with win98, the NT/2k/XP/2k3 is very stable.

i admin both windows and Linux machines and i say use the
right tool/OS for the job. period.

weather its Win or lin. does not matter and to 'use' Linux just because u hate MS and not for good solid reaseons is stupid.

reality for the corprate desktop is far More complex then just throwing out a base linux install, and a few scripts to manage them.

a windows 2000/2003 AD with GPO's vbs logon scripts.
sysprep universal images, set up correctly
really is far head of linux, and if you can setup

something close it would require a pretty high skillset and that very few really have.

i have a standard win2k image rolled across 1000's of desktops and i dont see the 'unstable" issues, and even
virus are under control,




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