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Privacy, Security, Encryption "Windows has grown so complicated that it is harder to secure. Well, these images make the point very well. Both images are a complete map of the system calls that occur when a web server serves up a single page of html with a single picture. The same page and picture. A system call is an opportunity to address memory. A hacker investigates each memory access to see if it is vulnerable to a buffer overflow attack. The developer must do QA on each of these entry points. The more system calls, the greater potential for vulnerability, the more effort needed to create secure applications."
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RE[2]: Easy..
by smashIt on Fri 14th Apr 2006 22:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Easy.."
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Is that really true, though? According to Netcraft, Apache runs 64% of web servers on the internet, while IIS runs 25%. By your logic, exploits of Apache should be far more common than exploits of IIS. However, in practice, we see the opposite to be true.

i don't know from where you get your information, but to me it looks a bit different:


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