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Windows Microsoft estimates it lost about $14 billion last year to software piracy - and those may prove to be the most lucrative sales never made. Although the world's largest software maker spends millions of dollars annually to combat illegal copying and distribution of its products, critics allege - and Microsoft acknowledges - that piracy sometimes helps the company establish itself in emerging markets and fend off threats from free open-source programs.
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RE: Is it really theft?
by mkools on Sat 15th Apr 2006 18:47 UTC in reply to "Is it really theft?"
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Most laptops come with restorecd's which install all the crap, if you would have downloaded a clean OEM version from The Net you could still use your legal laptop serial number.

So yes you are a thief, but to yourself and not to MS.
Now you are running an illegal copy of XP and your legal OEM version which you payed for is unused.

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