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KDE "Try KDE is a new resource listing ways that you can try out KDE without commiting to a full GNU/Linux or BSD install. It includes links to live cds, VMware player images and Klik bundles as well as links to KDE desktops available over NX, with explanations of these technologies. It is linked to from the KDE frontpage and will be updated regularly as more resources are discovered. You the community can help us out, by sending your comments and suggestions to the email address listed at the foot of the Try KDE page."
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RE[2]: nice
by backdoc on Sun 16th Apr 2006 12:41 UTC in reply to "RE: nice"
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Just to elaborate on this (and to clarify), that's "control+alt+F1" OR "control+alt+F2" OR "control+alt+F3" OR . . . to go to different console sessions. Usually, there are 6 of them (F1 thru F6) and they are paired up with 6 GUI X sessions (F7 thru F12). Typically, it's F1 paired with F7 (as the previous poster pointed out), F2 with F8, F3 with F9 and so on. Another user can log onto F2, start X and be running X on F8 while you are running it on F7. The exact syntax that I use is:
startx -- :1 (the "1" changes depending on how many you currently have running). I think you can even start new x sessions from within KDE on Kubuntu, I'm not running it right now to check.

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