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Internet & Networking Can a Windows system and a Linux system talk together harmoniously? After all, there is a lot of work and personal data left on Windows PCs that many want to keep! So this question of networking the two systems is both reasonable and vital.
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another XP License
by polaris20 on Fri 8th Jul 2005 00:03 UTC
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"Why not just buy another license for Windows XP instead of going through headache of trying to network with Fedora? It would be so much easier, trust me."

Trust me, it's not easier. It takes all of 10 minutes to get XP and FC4 talking to each other, and it doesn't require downloading webmin or manually editing smb.conf.

Unless you're trying to join an AD domain, getting XP and FC to work together on a workgroup level is terribly easy, using the GUI stuff already included in FC2/3/4 and most other major distros, like SuSe.

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