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Windows Microsoft estimates it lost about $14 billion last year to software piracy - and those may prove to be the most lucrative sales never made. Although the world's largest software maker spends millions of dollars annually to combat illegal copying and distribution of its products, critics allege - and Microsoft acknowledges - that piracy sometimes helps the company establish itself in emerging markets and fend off threats from free open-source programs.
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RE[4]: Anti Piracy
by captain_knobjockey on Sun 16th Apr 2006 20:41 UTC
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Typical Microsoft fanboy... You did not even bother to read his post correctly did you ?

He said he sent HIS cvs out as PDF, ODF or RTF..... and it was his BROTHER that used the non-standard MSWorks format.

I think the point he was making had more to do with the laziness of some users, not even trying to find a way to look at files.

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