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Fedora Core Free-Bees (what's in a name) reviews Fedora Core 5, and concludes: "The installer strikes me as the most polished part of Fedora, filled with pleasing touches. However, while the rest of the system is generally solid, there is some small instability that I never got with Fedora Core 4. There is also some post installation configuration required. While not necessarily a bad thing, how far you have to go just to get something such as Samba working is somewhat disconcerting. let's just say that Fedora Core 5, despite the small collection of problems that spoil the party, is truly an excellent distribution. To the absolute beginner, Fedora Core may not be the best solution, but if you have a little Linux experience, or want to try and learn something new, I can heartily endorse it."
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RE: Fedora butchers KDE
by shotsman on Mon 17th Apr 2006 06:40 UTC in reply to "Fedora butchers KDE"
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As an RHCE/RHCT myself I user Fedora quite a bit but due to its role of a testbed for RHEL then it does fall down in some areas.
Do you really think that RHEL users care all that much what the login box looks like?
Do they really care about the colour of the background?
No and No.

On the other hand if the people in charge of Fedora are trying to make it a Desktop for all then they are going in the wrong direction. I have Ubuntu running on my Laptop which dual boots with XP (which is being used less and less every day).
All my servers run RHEL or Fedora( apart from on W2K3 server that runs SQL Server).

my 500 Ariary worth

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