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BeOS & Derivatives In a post to the Haiku mailing list, Simon Taylor has provided a screenshot which he has entitled 'interesting', of Firefox running on Haiku. It's displaying the manual for Gobe Productive off his own hard drive, as Simon is unable to access the internet from Haiku - no dialup internet is supported - and he doesn't think that networking is going to work anyway. Only one bug in the tree required fixing for the browser to run, and it now joins NetPositive as a supported browser on the platform.
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RE: How do you start networking?
by umccullough on Mon 17th Apr 2006 15:23 UTC in reply to "How do you start networking?"
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I was able to get networking working using an SMC1211TX card (rtl8139 chipset)...

Just a matter of running ifconfig, route, and editing resolv.conf for me and then a little bit of praying that nothing would crash ;)

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