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Linux "Many Windows users are familiar with different modes of execution of their operating system: safe mode, command prompt only, safe mode with network support and other such options that are presented during the boot-up process. Similarly, Linux has different modes of executing as well, which are known as runlevels. But unlike Windows, we can change runlevels on a fly. Runlevels control services started by the initialization process. The number of runlevels and services started on those runlevels varies with Linux distributions. Information about the runlevels of a particular distribution is listed in file /etc/inittab."
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RE: Unlike windows..
by Dima on Mon 17th Apr 2006 15:24 UTC
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Why does everyone keep complaining about User/Group/Other? If it's not fine-grained for you, then don't use it! Use ACLs instead. Why keep bringing this up?

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