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Linux "US software maker Oracle is considering launching a version of the Linux operating system and has looked at buying one of the two firms dominating the technology, the Financial Times newspaper reported on Monday. As part of a recent study of the open-source software market, Ellison told the newspaper, Oracle had considered buying Novell, which after Red Hat is the biggest distributor of Linux."
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Fragmentation problem.
by tante on Mon 17th Apr 2006 19:55 UTC
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I don't know whether I like the whole "every company builds its own distro" thing.

A distribution has a basic concept of how things are done so in my opinion we either get
- a generic distribution that all big vendors use and rebrand with their logo everywhere (so it would have been smarter to find a good distro and support it)
- we get shitloads of incompatible and different distros, one for every big piece of software which would lead to more fragmentation

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