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Linux "If your laptop computer is a complement to your desktop machine, you're probably well aware of the need to synchronize data between the two. When you're in the middle of a big project and know you're going to be spending the afternoon in a doctor's waiting room or on an airplane, it's nice to be able to quickly transfer your project files - and maybe your email and contacts - to the laptop, then vice-versa when you return to your desk. This article will show you two ways to accomplish this on GNU/Linux-based machines."
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MS SyncToy
by sean batten on Tue 18th Apr 2006 12:57 UTC
sean batten
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I've been using MS SyncToy to sync up some pcs. It's free and seems to do the job. You've got various options echo, combine and subscribe. I'm sure it's not the most feature rich app around, but it's free and does everything I need to.

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