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Linux Efforts to bring glitzy new graphics to Linux are fueling an old conflict: Does proprietary software belong in open-source Linux? The issue involves software modules called drivers, which plug into the kernel at the heart of the open-source operating system. Drivers let software communicate with hardware such as network adapters, hard drives and video cards.
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RE[2]: I'm all for it.
by Finalzone on Tue 18th Apr 2006 20:14 UTC in reply to "RE: I'm all for it."
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To add extras point, both ATI and Nvidia will overwrite the GLX that will cause problem on some distros. Even Nvidia themsleves advisers users to get the modified version that fits their distros. It is worth to read the reason on

Addendum: anyone care to explain why there is no mention of kernel modules that mostly suit proprietary companies? Also, modular X already provide a better way to implement the 3D driver which is perfectly works great on my Fedora Core 5.
The reason why proprietary drivers are not installed are mostly legal and political issues depending of the countries. Like a posters mentionned, the philosophies of some distros (Fedora in my case) don't allow them to ship closed source drivers by default in order to avoid facing lawsuits.

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