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Linux Efforts to bring glitzy new graphics to Linux are fueling an old conflict: Does proprietary software belong in open-source Linux? The issue involves software modules called drivers, which plug into the kernel at the heart of the open-source operating system. Drivers let software communicate with hardware such as network adapters, hard drives and video cards.
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This is the trouble with Linux
by proforma on Wed 19th Apr 2006 07:58 UTC
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I don't mind Open Source software as it can drive some interesting projects.

What I do mind is somehow not using proprietary drivers is not equal to freedom.

A lot of people on here are like hippies. They take this freedom idea too far.

Who cares if you have a choice between having an open source driver or a proprietary driver, just use the damn thing.

I love having freedom in the States to do stuff, but at the same time I think this F/OSS freedom is just a little extreme.

In Windows I don't have a choice of having an open source driver. But you know what? I don't care. That mentality can waste a ton of time and I would rather be creating applications that matter instead of wasting my time and money doing something that ATI and Nvidia already have done and let them figure out the bugs.

This is an example of how I feel like the political ranting of Linux and F/OSS waste a lot of time on something that does not matter. It's all politics instead of something real.

Politics are stupid, its a waste of time. Making an OS easier to use and usable in the first place is more important.

Computing freedom is clearly way overrated and you freedom freaks should have been in the 60's.

Even on Windows you have freedom, no maybe not to the extreme of making your own drivers, but that is just redneck dumb and a waste of time.

Why not go forward 12 steps and not back 12 using the mentality of politics.

At the end of the day politics gains nothing and all this extreme freedom talk gains nothing.

I am not trying to troll, but people on this board have to get some reality.

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