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Microsoft " Let's start with Vista. Fine, so it got delayed by a few months. No big deal. If people can wait for a year, they can definitely wait for a few more months. But with Vista, Microsoft is definitely taking a big leap forward. Right about now, all you Mac fans are clamoring to be heard claiming that Mac OS had all these features for years. True. But with 2-3 percent marketshare in the desktop area, I really don't think Microsoft is all that worried about the Macintosh platform. And with Vista, most Mac enthusiasts wouldn't be able to point fingers at Windows users about how sleek (appearance and functionality) their OS looks, because Vista definitely looks comparable. I agree it feels quite raw, but it's still in Beta, so I'm willing to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt here."
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RE: objectivity
by dsmogor on Wed 19th Apr 2006 12:15 UTC in reply to "objectivity"
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Actually interopeability and price (compared to OSS) are the only virtues that MS is not able to compete on.
MS will have virtualization to. Windows will be able to run ... another windows ;)

Linux (companies), Sun, Apple and every other non MS digital information related company (like Sony) should strongly cooperate to:
1. break in MS closed protocol world
2. promote easy (by default) and robust interoperability among each other, based on open standards

Instead they (CE people) promote MS DRM to fight Apple. Very wise.

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