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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu While eyes were drawn to Novell as a potential acquisition target for Oracle, a far less expensive Linux distribution was also mentioned as a better fit for the database giant-turned-open-source advocate. The distro was Ubuntu, the most popular Linux flavor, according to the user community site Larry Ellison, Oracle's chairman and CEO, recently made some public comments about wanting his own version of Linux for Oracle. Snapping up Ubuntu would not only save Ellison and Oracle a considerable amount of money, it would also eliminate some of the headaches associated with trying to integrate a company like Novell.
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Ubuntu ???
by searly on Wed 19th Apr 2006 12:41 UTC
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This is just a load of FUD. What the hell would Oracle gain from buying a Desktop Linux distribution that has very little to none enterprise exposure (nothing against Ubuntu, i use it my self very happily). If they were to buy Novell, well i guess that would be the end of Novell Desktop. I can't see Oracle using any resources on a desktop distribution. They would take Suse Server and that's that and stack it up against the likes of red hat enterprise server and MS SQL Server. Most sense in terms of an aquisition would be redhat. They more or less dropped the Desktop from their portfolio and conetrate fully on the enterprise server market. Also their portfolio of applications would integrate nicely into oracle, more so than Novell. But then again i don't think that redhat will be bought that easily ...

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