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Apple Industry watchers have noticed a "halo" surrounding Apple's iPod: The popular music player is helping to bring new users to the company's Macintosh line of computers. However, could the uncertainty surrounding the Mac's upcoming switch from PowerPC to Intel processors take the shine off that halo?
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Osbourne Effect
by David on Sun 31st Jul 2005 16:51 UTC
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I, for one, am going to be waiting for the new Intel Macs, because I'm a powerbook user, and I just can't imagine that there's going to be another PPC powerbook coming out that's going to be a compelling enough upgrade from my 1.25 GHz G4.

However, I think that I was in good company, before the Intel announcement, waiting to see if Apple was going to come out with a better Powerbook story, that is, a G5 or some faster permutation of the G4 for the powerbooks. We all recognized that these minor bumps of the current G4 line were not interesting, especially considering the relatively poor battery life of the current G4 Powerbooks already, which would only be worsened by speed increases.

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