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Legal Apple Computer faced tough questioning Thursday in its bid to gain access to electronic records of Mac enthusiast sites that published leaked details of an unreleased product. Although a lower court ruled last year that Apple should be able to gain access to electronic records of the enthusiast sites, a three-judge appeals panel in the State of California Court of Appeal, Sixth Appellate District, peppered Apple's lawyer with questions. The judges wanted to know whether the information at issue represented a genuine trade secret as well as whether journalists' right to protect their sources outweigh Apple's right to protect its trade secrets.
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boycott Apple
by ozonehole on Thu 20th Apr 2006 23:46 UTC
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Honestly, I can't see what Apple hopes to gain by prosecuting their own enthusiastic user base. What "harm" did Apple suffer from this leek of information they were going to release anyway?

Mac enthusiasts should respond to this nonsense by boycotting Apple. Ironically, then Apple will finally be able to claim that they did suffer harm from this leak.

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